Character Class: Chancellor

(From the Light Ed.)

Playing the Chancellor:

Chancellors are noble ambassadors with direct relationships to the ruler of his or her land. At lower governmental levels, a Chancellor has very little real government power besides being noble, which is a class above common citizens. However, as the Chancellor gains superiority and rank within a governing body, he or she can actually make decisions on behalf of the count, duke, or king, of the land as a representative for the ruler.

Beware; misrepresenting a count, duke, king or other ruler is an abuse of a Chancellor's power and could result in as severe a punishment as death by public execution.


Even superior to Knights, Chancellors can enforce the will of the ruler of the land in matters of criminal judgement, taxation, and land disputes. As they rise in power, Chancellors can gain very high positions, giving them near kingly authority at higher levels.


The Chancellor prefers to wear fine clothing or perhaps decorative leatherwear. Similar to the Bard, the Chancellors will rarely wear metal armor or any armor that is more for function than it is for stately appearance.

Most Chancellors were likely raised with at least a moderate education in fencing and archery. They were taught at a very early age the ways of weaponry, possibly using odd and international weapons as well. For this reason, a Chancellor can use any weapon type desired.

Armor Restrictions

  • Decorative leather vestments (unless in battle, then no restrictions)

Weapon Restrictions

  • No restrictions

Creating the Chancellor

Attribute Requirements:

  • Charisma: 7
  • Intellect: 5

Life and Faith:

  • Life: 2d6 (GE) (Strength + Endurance + Wisdom)
  • Faith: 1



Choose four (4) Talents and three (3) Crafts at Level 1.

(You may select Skills from the following list or Weapon Skills from the list below.)

Weapon Skills:

(You may select a Weapon Skill from the following list in place of selecting a Talent or Craft.)

Initial Equipment:

  • Longsword (2d12+1 DAM)
  • Long Whip (1d8 DAM)
  • Decorative Leather Jerkin (AP Chest: +2 DEF)
  • Decorative Leather Breeches (AP Legs: +2 DEF)
  • Decorative Leather Boots (AP Feet: N/A DEF)
  • Pouch of 2d8 Gold, 1d6 Silver
  • Sleeping blanket
  • Small pack
  • Torch
  • 2d6 Days Food Rations
  • Royal Pendant worth 2d6g (most valuable politically)
  • Riding Horse, Saddle, and Tack & Bridle

Progressing the Chancellor:

Life and Faith: Add the following to the 's Life and Faith upon reaching each new level.

  • Life: +1d6 (GE),
  • Faith: +1

*(GE) = Grace Effect