Character Class: Knight

(From the Light Ed.)

Playing the Knight:

Knights are noble warriors who will sacrifice anything to uphold their personal honor, defend the weak, and pursue that which is virtuous. They will gladly give up their lives in defense of the church.

Your character may be one of two type of knights: a knight errant or a paladin. The difference is that a paladin works more closely with his or her king and a knight-errant wanders the land seeking justice.


Special Miracle Ability: When the Knight's Patience AR reaches 10 or higher, he or she gains the Skill of Miracles: Clerical as a Craft. Knights do not gain any more than 1 Faith per level, but can perform any Clerical Miracles that he or she can afford (with Faith).


Knights will only engage in honorable Combat. To this end, the knight will always disregard missile weapons, sneak attacks, or anything else perceived as underhanded. Coming face to face with the opponent in melee combat, is the only way to go.

Armor Restrictions

There are no armor restrictions for the Knight. In fact, the Knight prefers heavy armor.

  • No restrictions

Weapon Restrictions

  • No missile weapons (dishonorable)

Creating the Knight

Attribute Requirements:

  • STR: 7
  • CHR: 5

Life and Faith:

  • Life: 2d8 (GE) + (Strength + Endurance + Wisdom)
  • Faith: 1



Choose four (4) Talents and three (3) Crafts at Level 1.

(You may select Skills from the following list or Weapon Skills from the list below.)

Weapon Skills:

(You may select a Weapon Skill from the following list in place of selecting a Talent or Craft.)

Initial Equipment:

  • Broadsword (2d10 Damage)
  • Small Shield (+3 Defend; 1d8 Damage)
  • Chain Jerkin (AP Chest: +4 DEF)
  • Cloth Breeches (AP Legs: +1 DEF)
  • Boots (AP Feet: N/A)
  • Pouch of 3d6 Gold, 1d8 Silver
  • Sleeping blanket
  • Small pack
  • Medium Candle
  • 2d6 days Food Rations
  • Riding Horse or Falcon (choose one)

Progressing the Knight:

Life and Faith: Add the following to the 's Life and Faith upon reaching each new level.

  • Life: +1d8 (GE),
  • Faith: +1

*(GE) = Grace Effect