The "Skill" of Miracles

For Miracle Workers it is not always necessary to make a skill roll to perform a Miracle even though Miracles are skills. For some Miracles no skill roll is ever required. Other Miracles your character must make a Miracle skill roll to determine how successful the Miracle was, not whether it was successful or not.

The Miracle skill bonus applies to various areas of performing a Miracle, including ADV in Supernatural Combat, how many people the Miracle can affect, what distance the Miracle can reach, how much DAM the Miracle causes and many other things described int he Miracles' descriptions.

Group Prayers

Though only certain character classes can perform Miracles, your character can always contribute his or her Faith to help a Group Prayer. In this situation, one Miracle Worker is responsible for carrying out the actual Miracle but all who join hands with with the Miracle Worker can contribute their Faith to increase the total number used to perform the Miracle. All contributing members must join hands with the Miracle Worker or someone lese who is touching the Miracle Worker.

Example: 40 individuals with one Faith each can join hands in prayer with a Miracle Worker, the Miracle Worker then has an additional 40 points of Faith to add to the effectiveness of their Miracle.

Note:Group Prayer will only work with the Clergy class of characters and therefor is not available to augment the Bard's Holy Songs Faith requirements.