Warrior 01

(From Light Ed. rules)

Playing the Warrior:

Warriors are eager and ready fighters who take pride in being a man-at-arms. They live and breathe might and strength. Warriors prefer the company of their sword or battle axe to any social situation and a true warrior rarely backs down from any physical contest.



Armor Restrictions

Warriors prefer the use of light or no armor in order to gain maximum movement. However, the Warrior may use any armor he or she desires.

- No restrictions.

Weapon Restrictions

The Warrior prefers the use of heavier arms, and especially those weapons that cause the most Damage. However, the Warrior is not limited in the Weapon Skills he or she can learn.

- No restrictions.

Creating the Warrior

Attribute Requirements:

Strength: 7

Life and Faith:

Life: 2d8 (GE) + (Strength + Endurance + Wisdom)
Faith: 1


  • C.S.S. Tackling
  • Light Sleep
  • Weaponry
  • W.S. Combat Arms
  • W.S. Shield Play

Talents and Crafts:

Choose four (4) Talents and three (3) Crafts at Level 1. You may select Skills from the following list or Weapon Skills from the list below.)

  • Blacksmith
  • Camp
  • Carpentry
  • C.S.S. Grapple
  • C.S.S. Twirl Object
  • Demonology
  • Mechanics
  • Pick Locks
  • Profile Area
  • Profile Character
  • Seafaring
  • Signaling
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Sneak
  • Swimming
  • Track
  • Trap Works

Weapon Skills:

(You may select a Weapon Skill from the following list in place of selecting a Talent or Craft.)

  • W.S. Hand to Hand
  • W.S. Kick Attack
  • W.S. Thrown

Initial Equipment:

  • Longsword (2d12 Damage; 1 or 2 handed)
  • Small Shield (+3 Defend)
  • Leather Jerkin (AP: Chest; DEF: +2)
  • Cloth Breeches (AP: Legs; DEF: +1)
  • Boots (AP: Feet; DEF: N/A)
  • Pouch of 2d6 Gold, 1d6 Silver
  • Sleeping Blanket, small pack, medium candle
  • 2d6 Food Rations

Progressing the Warrior:

Experience Points - The following is a list of Experience points needed to attain each new level.

experience table
1 0
2 1,140
3 2,420
4 3,980
5 5,960
6 8,500
7 11,740
8 15,820
9 20,880
10 27,060
11 34,500
12 43,340
13 53,720
14 65,780
15 79,660

Life and Faith: Add the following to the 's Life and Faith upon reaching each new level.

Life: +1d8 (GE)

Faith: +1

*(GE) = Grace Effect

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